Moments to Dream

“Yes sirs, it is true, I am Mumba the fool, the king of jesters, the jester of clowns, the sad tumbler that has found happiness, yes sirs, I’ve fallen in love! She appeared in my dreams, had white hands and was diaphanous, slim, and had no speech, she came from far away lands, what am I saying, from another planet, and loved me. She loved me with so much sweetness and I prostrated at her feet and kissed her, hugged her without any fear, she loved and you know the good news, I woke up and she was still there, it was not a dream, she is real, I still have her in front of my eyes, but now, my dear companions of nonsense, please forgive me, try to understand, I must go back to sleep, otherwise she will vanish, you know, I’ve just met her”.
Mattia Ponte, Epistolary of a Voyage .

Rooms & Suites

Colors characterize our rooms and suites. The different colors all have a soothing effect and were chosen to bring out a precise mood: sky blue to produce a feeling of quietness and harmony, green, the color of nature and life, which favors a calm and reflective state, the shades and tones of gold and yellow, that generates a good mood and a feeling of well-being, purple, color of mystery and magic, white, the sum of all colors. Carefully designed with particular attention paid to every detail, our rooms are all very bright: their windows face hills and forests, creating “natural paintings” with ever-changing shades and particulars depending on the season and the weather. Spacious and functional, they are enriched by antique furniture, handcrafted artifacts and drapery that are appropriate to this rural context. Each bathroom complements the style of its room: in all of them there is a shower or bathtub, with a whirlpool and chromo therapy, an essential accessory for an environment created for the tranquility and well-being of our guests.

Artimisia Aurosia Lustezia Dulasia Sicromazia – Pilisia

Residences & Apartments

Dwellings for wandering spirits that still, at a certain time, may want to come home and find anew the relaxing and entwining atmosphere of a real “home”; dwellings for all those that, even on vacation, look for the comfort of a house and don’t want to give up their habits; dwellings for those that prefer the more intimate and private environment of an apartment or a residence rather than a hotel room…

The Residences and the Apartments of La Gabelletta offer all this.

Meris Maora Aquarius Scorpio


Our personnel will be happy to assist you in order to provide more detailed information on the daily rates or customers can send an email directly from the section Info & booking, where it is possible to send a request for information. Remember that in the section Special Offers and Packages we propose special offers for events or festivities, promotions, holidays studied for sport fans or other activities and last-minute offers.

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