Moments to Dream

“Yes sirs, it is true, I am Mumba the fool, the king of jesters, the jester of clowns, the sad tumbler that has found happiness, yes sirs, I’ve fallen in love! She appeared in my dreams, had white hands and was diaphanous, slim, and had no speech, she came from far away lands, what am I saying, from another planet, and loved me. She loved me with so much sweetness and I prostrated at her feet and kissed her, hugged her without any fear, she loved and you know the good news, I woke up and she was still there, it was not a dream, she is real, I still have her in front of my eyes, but now, my dear companions of nonsense, please forgive me, try to understand, I must go back to sleep, otherwise she will vanish, you know, I’ve just met her”.
Mattia Ponte, Epistolary of a Voyage .

Nothing is worst for dreaming than to sleep in a small, unwelcoming room, carelessly furnished following standardized solutions… Nothing makes the sacred moment in which we abandon consciousness, melancholy like a tedious and anonymous room… Nothing is as adverse to sleep and dreams than a space where we feel strangers and temporary…

None of that suggests La Gabelletta: our places to sleep are environments imagined and created to wrap and involve, to relax and to feel… ready to dream…

Because life is a pleasure, always.

Places to Sleep and to Stay

Places to sleep and to stay – a collection of unique moments, a tabloid forconnoisseurs, a memory to slip in between the pages of a book, these are our rooms and our apartments. Imagine an art collection: every painting is different from the other; it inspires different sensations, different experiences – anyway.

Places to sleep and stay that can satisfy the most varied tastes. Places intimate and welcoming because, once the door is closed, away from usual duties, finally indifferent to the phone ringing, to the baby sitter who is not coming, to the colleague that expects immediate and precise answers… and so on and so forth, well, exactly in that moment of oblivion and release, we want a place that welcomes us, envelops us and takes care of us. But not just any place – here we have icons of contemporary art mixed with refined materials and the gifts of wisdom of d’antan, and also a view that bursts through every window, for a tailor made hospitality, as is appropriate for those who … Would rather feel good.

This is what La Gabelletta offers: a philosophy of hospitality, founded on the exclusivity of the place and the quality of the service. Not many rooms, each different from the other and a few residences designed so as to ensure the comfort of any guest who seeks those sacred moments of escape from reality whether they be on vacation or on a trip, rooms where they can abandon themselves in a context that spoils and pleases…

Our rooms, spacious, welcoming and with every possible comfort, are available in the versions Classic, Executive, Deluxe, Studio and Suite.

The residences, ample and carefully furnished, may easily house up to 6/8 guests at a time, and are available in the versions Welfare and Luxury.

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