Divine Nectar

“In my garden I entered/My sister and spouse/And myrrh and every other essence I ravished/And all the honeycomb I ate/And wine and milk/Oh brothers eat/And drink till you are stunned”

Song of Songs, Solomon, Old Testament.

This quote is from the Bible. Wine is definitely a symbolic element for civilizations around the Mediterranean. Without immersing ourselves in the meanders of the philosophy of wine, a quote by Ernest Hemingway summarizes our feelings: “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world”!
Well, maybe philosophy is born in a glass of wine, or maybe not. Who knows? The point is that a good dish accompanied by the right wine brings out its flavor, dilates the aroma, and increases one’s pleasure…
We have chosen wines that reflect our philosophy of well-being, local wines first and foremost –because the ingredients of our dishes are the result of a careful selection of Umbrian excellences, which thus can only bind well with the grapevines, even natives, who come from the same soil. But we also serve wines from the rest of Italy, starting from nearby Tuscany to continue with the northern regions, with the great reds and fruity aromatic whites of the valleys of Friuli. And then the south, with its extraordinary grapevines and the excellent wines from the islands. Finally, we also propose French Champagnes and other selected wines from over the Alps – because it is true that the number of varieties existing in Italy is the highest in the world, but it is equally true that our French cousins have mastered the art of winemaking!

A belief, rooted and inescapable, guided our choices – with the careful supervision of our maître du vin, Mr. Samuele Cinti, with his rigorous and refined taste: the wineries proposed on our wine list must have the characteristics of reliability, professionalism, experience. They must share our passion for excellency and our desire to always do better, regardless of marketing strategies.

Wine, but not only. Think about beer – the first sip of beer, as Philippe Delerm wrote – that first sip that is the only one that counts, that starts well before swallowing it, already on the lips, bubbling gold, it’s coolness amplified by the foam, that rolls slowly down the throat, bliss with a touch of bitterness… And then our distillates: our glorious Grappa, the distinguished Whiskies from the Highlands, the admirable Irish and American Whiskeys, the renowned French Cognacs and the superb Spanish Brandy, not to mention the extraordinary Caribbean Rums…

So, as the universe of “drinking” is luckily so vast and varied, our wine list –that precisely bears the title called “Drink” – includes a selection of beers, some produced by craftsmen in Umbria, and a wide choice of distillates. Because drinking is a necessity, but drinking well is an incomparable pleasure…

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