To stay together

…and now, let’s act the rest!

The ideal place for manifestations, receptions and parties, La Gabelletta has suggestive internal and external spaces that are perfect for organizing weddings and celebrations and other recurrences. As each ceremony is an exclusive and private experience, it is possible to organize personalized programs for tailor made events, according to the modern conception of hospitality.

Conferences, work meetings and conventions can be set up in a specially designed room that faces our beautiful forest.

La Gabelletta also organizes food and wine events, with theme-built evenings, in which it is possible to taste typical products and local recipes and drink wines, beers and various distillates. But the food, that is one of the most ancient forms of pleasure, is always subtly connected to music, writing, and art.

So we offer not only gastronomy: La Gabelletta proposes artistic manifestations and nights of musical entertainment, because the pleasure of a good dish is not that different from the pleasure of a good musical piece or of a painting that moves us.

The Ditch Witch Club hosts well known musicians and young novices who play live, as well as, artists that exhibit their work. You can read more about what we do in our internal paper, “Il Gazzettino de La Gabelletta”.

Receptions and private parties

“Remember, do you remember that beautiful reception, many years ago? We came back to the hotel and the hotel was decked out for a party, with an enormous chandelier that swayed in the hall to the rhythm of the music, the dancers swirled and swirled, gazing into each other’s eyes, one couple sailed from one end of the hall to the other over the marble floors, she, in a striking red dress, he, graying hair, and the smile of one who has bought a jewel.”

Be it a confirmation, a first communion, a graduation, a ball or a business dinner, La Gabelletta proposes personalized fittings for any kind of event in order to meet all personal demands, requirements and needs.

Attention to detail, the characterization of every component of the reception, of the party, of the recurrence – from the aperitif to the initial buffet, from the menu to the choreography and the entertainment music- these are all essential aspects for the success of the event, because each event is a moment of joy and satisfaction but also an exclusive event created for that specific and unique occasion.

Meeting and Conventions

La Gabelletta has a meeting room where it is possible to organize conferences, workshops, showrooms, business meetings and conventions, taking advantage of technological systems available or hired for specific requirements.

It can accommodate up to 60/70 participants, has a height of about 3 meters and overlooks our beautiful forest, with a patio for relaxing and pleasant moments of rest. Welcoming lunches, coffee breaks and business lunches and buffets can be provided according to the needs.

La Gabelletta Events

Then, suddenly he began to say that he would throw a party, a party as it should be, one of those parties where the ladies would wear the most beautiful necklace and the men the gray suit, and he would be all dressed up, tie and leather shoes so shiny that could walk only on a carpet… And then he began to mimic his entrance to the party, the carpet seemed to unfold under his feet, shiny patent leather shoes, you could see one, two, rhythmic steps, graceful movements, matching tie and pressed trousers, what a party would be, a party to remember!”

Occasionally it is providential to forget the worries and give us the pleasure of an unusual evening… La Gabelletta organizes theme nights with live music and authors and songwriters and even good wine and good food and more – because having fun helps to live!.

Ditch Witch Club

“The music forces me to forget myself, to forget my real situation and it transports me to a different situation, one that is not mine; under the influence of the music I seem to feel what in reality I don’t feel, I seem to understand what in reality I don’t understand, to be able to do things that in reality I cannot do.”
Lev N.Tolstoj, Sonata a Kreutzer

Thematic musical events, jam sessions, live music, art exhibits – all this is the Ditch Witch Club. With its exclusive yet appealing atmosphere, the Ditch Witch Club proposes events for the passionate and the expert but above all for those who simply want to have a good time in pleasant company.

And finally … what to see

Umbria is not a land of heroes, scientists and explorers, it is not a land of people of striking fame.
Umbria is the land of saints, of solitary thinkers, it is a mystical land, at times harsh, that opens up onto wonderful, unexpected valleys, green and silent, almost archaic.

It is Umbria a region to be discovered.


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