About Us

Founded as an inn in the 1700’s on the border between a castle and a city, locked in endless conflict, La Gabelletta is one of the most ancient accommodation structures in Umbria.
In the midst of a centennial forest of oaks, La Gabelletta is a perfect effigy of Umbria, a land bathed in a quiet and mystical, almost archaic, atmosphere yet to this day, still so relaxing, magical and entwining.
At La Gabelletta, there’s the “Cavern of fairies” but also the “River of witches”, the great salon for parties, the private dining room, the bistro, and then there are terraces, suites with fireplaces and apartments with private pools.

What we offer is a way of life, from the decor to the cuisine, from the service to the relaxing atmosphere.

Because life is a pleasure, always.


Formerly, bad blood used to run between Foce’s Castle and the City of Amelia. Fires, skirmishes and rebellions went on for centuries – be it for the Guelph faith of the one or due to the authoritarian nature of the other – whatever the reason, ‘Castellani’ and ‘Amerini’ simply couldn’t stand each other.

A great valley marked the border between the two contenders, and right in this land of oaks and fields, on an unknown date, La Gabelletta was founded. Some sources attest that in the 1400’s the elders of the city of Amelia let contractors collect the taxes “of weights and measures” for the subsequent year, and who can say if some willing citizen might have decided to settle in those middle lands to gain some profit from foreigners who needed to pay a transit tax if they wanted to sell their goods. Who knows?

Refurbishing and Bioarchitecture

The refurbishing was done by applying wherever possible the canons of “BioArchitecture”. The objective was to ensure a balance between the environment and the buildings and to merge the buildings in the pre-existing habitat. The strategy adopted was to respect the genius loci and safeguard the eco-system, to privilege the psychophysical wellbeing of the beneficiaries and limit the consumption of resources by favoring the usage of renewable energy resources. We are firmly convinced that the relationship with the environment and our ‘mother earth’ needs to be rewritten in more deferential, respectful terms, always keeping in mind that our “wellbeing” depends a lot on our feeling “at home” somewhere and that begins with the environment in which that same “home” was built.



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