Aquarius, or rather the house of natural elements: trees, stone, water.

Built on the remains of antique ruins, bordering the beautiful forest of oaks, it was restored bearing in mind that it was a place made to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. The entrance, marked by an ancient stone portal, is at the verge of the forest. Even the windows of the living room, which are also in stone, give onto the forest. It has a coffered ceiling and earthen-toned walls, painted with the local “arilla”, the sand from the local Rio Grande river. And then there is the water. It is said that a long time ago there was a pond all around it, where a family of newts used to live –only a vague memory of the pond remains, but in the exact same place an exclusive swimming pool was built, which can be reached directly from the bedrooms that, through the glass doors, seem to elongate towards the outside, into the water. The importance of the element of water returns with the wonderful bathroom placed right in front of the pool. The large window on top of the bathtub – a kind of micro-pool with a whirlpool – dilates the perception of the water which, from the outside, seems to spill inside the bathroom. The other bathroom, lined in stone and gravel, is inspired by the rigorous purity of a natural cave. The kitchen, in the end, is covered in grey ardesia stone, continuing the leitmotif of the whole dwelling.

With its 80 square meters, Aquarius is a refined union of elegance and comfort, where it is possible to shut out the rest of the world and… live the dream!


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