Blue and ivory are the dominant colors in the Lustezia room. It is very light, has a frescoed ceiling, a bed-head with antique parts in cast iron, and some very particular paintings of hyperrealist tradition. The huge bathroom, with two arched windows and an original fountain-like sink, is equipped with shower and whirlpool. The room measures about 29 square meters.

lusteziaIn his chronicles, mister Alfredo de Projestiinis Euroleis narrates the life of Lustezia, in the legend of the cat in the blue room.

Lustezia was the cat of the king of France. A white, haughty cat, with silky hair and topaz eyes, she strode idly through the rooms of the palace, placing her paws with disdain on the Aubusson and the marble pavements. She weighed thirteen kilos. Quite a lot for a cat, but she was the king’s cat, and the king – Oh my! – held her in the highest esteem, believing that the cat possessed the gift of divination, and had elaborated a personal cat-king dictionary with which the fool believed he could interpret Lustezia’s language. In practice: if her face was slightly inclined to the right it meant outrage, if it faced down it meant approval, and so on and so forth. In brief, the cat had become the kings most trusted advisor. There wasn’t a diplomatic meeting or decision that the king would make without first asking Lustezia her opinion. Such was his regard reserved for her that the king built a room especially for her, a room in ivory and bluish tones, like her eyes, and blue walls in harmony with the lapis lazuli powder which he would sprinkle on her – after all, a cat could not wear wigs!

The influence of the cat extended even to the king’s love affairs. Before any woman could enter the royal alcove, she was submitted to Lustezia’s judgement. The consequences of this are easily imaginable. Until one day the cat met an aspiring lover more cunning then herself. It was actually a damsel instructed by the witch Aurosia, prepared to confront any adversary. She quickly understood the situation and immediately started her attack. She made a deal with a street cat she knew, one who after years of crimes and misdeeds, wanted to settle down and find a nice wife, fat and healthy, so that she could give birth to enough kittens to fill all the houses of the county. Bleary, with more scars than fur, he looked like Jeoffrey de Peyrac fighting the Sun King. He also had the expression and the ardor of Jeoffrey de Peyrac.

It was easily done. The damsel kidnapped Lustezia one night and handed her wrapped in a blanket to the cat Jeoffrey: it was love at first sight. What are face powders and pillows compared to a heart overwhelmed by passion?

And so Lustezia became a perfect wife and the damsel officially became the king’s favorite and lived in the famous blue and ivory room.

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