Divine Nectar

“In my garden I entered/My sister and spouse/And myrrh and every other essence I ravished/And all the honeycomb I ate/And wine and milk/Oh brothers eat/And drink till you are stunned”
Song of Songs, Solomon, Old Testament.

This quote is from the Bible. Wine is definitely a symbolic element for civilizations around the Mediterranean. Without immersing ourselves in the meanders of the philosophy of wine, a quote by Ernest Hemingway summarizes our feelings: “Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world”!

The Wine Cellar

A cellar from the 17th century, sober and unchanged, with a barrel vault, where our beers and our wines are stored at an ideal temperature. And where memorabilia and traditional objects are exhibited for our guests: for example, there is an actual “Leccarda” (dripping pan) from the 19th century, and a stamp for puddings of the same period…

The Lounge Bar

An intimate refuge, with a muffled tone, a place in which you may sip an aperitif while watching a beautiful sunset, but also a place in where you can have a good time or simply relax, during the after hours!

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