With its 140 square meters distributed in articulated zones that face each other, creating a plastic and harmonic feeling, Maora is a residence of discreet and intimate atmosphere, as only a historic house can have.
A beautiful, exclusive, garden marks the entrance to Maora. With its antique stone well and the paved pathways made with local rocks, the garden is not just ornamental, it blends in with the interiors, marking the continuity between them. The central salon, with its spectacular windows that open onto the garden is the linking place of the whole house. The studio, complete with a bookcase full of books in different languages, the large living room with a fireplace and a hi-fi and the large fully equipped kitchen all merge into this central salon. The bedrooms are comfortable and suggestive, with private bathrooms and antique furniture, in one of them there is another fireplace. The ceilings have either wooden beams or delicate decors. The antique furniture and the colors of the walls remind us of the soft shades of rural buildings, all this contributes to make Maora a dwelling with a subtle and particular charm.


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