Gabelletta designs, organizes and realizes weddings by providing a qualified and experienced staff so that every single detail of the wedding party responds to the requests of the spouses.
Scenes, floral decorations, wedding banquets, light design, music, tableau and wedding favors, wedding dresses, graphic design, entertainment, videos and photos … these are aspects that we deal with and that we plan for an unrepeatable event full of emotions.

Today at last, my love, let’s talk about your promises, a promise is a promise but only the promises that are born without constraints have value and so that there are no duties or other false coercions, I want the renewal of the promise of your love, this I want.

From you.

An important day, very important – the day when two people seal their choice in front of the world and their friends, relatives and people to whom their are most attached to participate in this choice.

Because marriage is a party, that is an event of joy and cheerfulness to be shared with others.
But the wedding is also meticulous organization, attention to detail, choice of colors, of the mise en place, of the preparation of the restaurant, of the decorations and flowers, of food and music, the idea of ​​the event – because every wedding is , rightly and dutifully, an experience in itself, conceived for a single couple and never repeatable.

Marriage as a unique experience, studied in detail, designed and imagined to fulfill the requests of every single couple…
… this is the philosophy of the wedding event that we propose.

Let’s start with the ceremony. It is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony in the Resort with customized arrangements and solutions designed exclusively for your wedding.

The arrival of the bride, the place of the function, the organization of the ritual, the reception of the guests … until the launch of the petals, your dream will begin when you say ‘yes’!

And the ceremony will be the first scene of an event in which to mix in the right doses of charm, music, flavors and perfumes – almost a celebration of sight, hearing and smell …

Creativity, elegance, refinement but also fun and festive atmosphere merged in the magic of a unique moment, this is our idea of ​​marriage, starting with the civil ceremony.

Tell us about your dreams, we will make them come true..

Get married in La Gabelletta

Not just lunch … a thousand and one proposals

So many ideas … the choice is yours!

The wonderment of a style

Romantic, Classic, Country Chic, Metropolitan, Total White, Innovative, Themed… Endless ideas for your exclusive scenography. We will listen to you and we will follow you every step of the way, we will help you in the exciting selection for the single event you will remember for the rest of your life.
From the wedding gown to the preparation, to the extra services and the ‘farewell party’, we will be with you to make your wedding a dream come true.

2. Ornamenti Floreali

In a wedding, flowers are the leitmotiv that accompanies the newlyweds through the entire event. The magic of a Peony or of a Rosehip, the amazement inspired by a pastel shaded Hydrangea, the sweetness of wildflowers… unique emotions that tell something about the souls of the ones who chose them.

The floral arrangements, from the bride and groom’s dresses to the ceremony, from the banquet to the wedding cake, will be one of the things that will make your wedding inimitable.

Our high-qualified wedding florists are at your disposal for every arrangement, for both the inside and the outside spaces.

Special decorations

We create a wonderful atmosphere for the amazement of every guest!
Floating candles, colorful glass candleholders, lanterns, vintage candelabra, ice sculptures, balloons sculptures, braziers and blankets for the outside aperitif during wintertime, cascade of lights, flip-flops for guests, little umbrellas for the sun, selfie or Polaroid corner, Alice’s mirrors, Wedding Book, … a thousand ideas for a sensational wedding!

Table settings

The ‘mise en place’ could seem a secondary detail… That is not true, sometimes you can make a table precious just with a particular glass…

The arrangements for the buffet, for the venue and for the banquet are elements that guests perceive immediately as they are the first set of your wedding, the scene that will accompany them throughout the entire event.
La Gabelletta offers, included in the price of the menu, a basic setting.

For the customization of your event, we can propose a wide range of alternatives, in perfect harmony with your style, from the tablecloth, to the glasses, tablemats, plates, seats… and much more!
We can also offer special arrangements for the children’s table.

Table menu

Classic menus with golden type style, handwritten menus, particular shapes and alternative materials, not just menus but also an ornament or a thank you note for the guests or even an origami to keep as a memento…

A creative and peculiar menu like ‘The Wedding Gazette’, a real tabloid with the history of the newlyweds, a tale of the occasion, the menu and much more…

These are just a few of the endless things that we offer, our graphic designers are at your disposal to carry out the project and the printing of customized menus.

Tableau de Mariage or Escort Card

‘Where is my seat?’ The Tableau de Marriage or the Escort Cards will tell you!
These are among the most ornamental things of your wedding – a little detail that perfectly reflects the style of the reception and the bride and groom’s personality.

It could be a huge mirror, a vintage item, an antique frame, a web tighten between the branches of a tree, keys with the names of the guests tied to them,… these are all things that inspire creativity and fantasy, as you can see in the pictures of our brochure.

Place cards

I found my table…but which one is my seat?
Another courtesy for your guests, a little gesture for the people who share with you your big day. Made of wood, Plexiglas or paper or accompanied by sweet treats, a small plant or local gastronomic products as party favour for your guests… a placeholder is a precious detail that says that nothing has been left to chance.

We can create special place cards for children.


A little gift for your guests, a tangible sign of thankfulness… The current trend contemplates giving your guests gastronomic goods, bio products, nature products or little craft items.

La Gabelletta offers personalized Olive Oil Gifts, little craft ideas, customized Dop wines, local gastronomic products, aromatic plants or essences that speak the magic language of the newlyweds.

Guests transfer

A little but significant act of kindness towards your guests that live far from the venue or that do not want to drive back home after the reception.

La Gabelletta arranges transfers from and to the airports of Rome and Perugia, as well as any kind of transportation for the guests (to and from residences, ceremony venue, reception venue,…)

Let’s get married on a scooter!

A fairy tale wedding… that’s what I want!

The magic of a bride that arrives on a vintage car or a carriage or riding a Lambretta… wonderful!

La Gabelletta provides a ‘transfer package’ for the bride and the groom with a wide range of vintage cars or motorcycles, or a horse drawn carriage, both for the newlyweds transportation and for their guests’.

Gift Pack for the grown-ups…

One last courtesy for all the guests staying at the Resort…

A Gift Pack for them that they will find in their accommodation.

A personalized package with a pamphlet of Umbria, a customized 100g soap, a box of typical dry biscuits, a bottle of Aleatico wine from a local cellar with a special customization.

… and for the younger ones!

Let’s not forget our beloved younger guests!
A Gift Pack for all the children, thought to entertain them when, after the initial excitement, they can become rather…frisky!
A standard Gift Pack includes a drawing book, a box of coloured pencils, soap bubbles, a box of balloons.
The Gift Pack can be placed on the children’s table e it can be customized based on the age and gender of the little guests.


…and more over

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