Light is the main character of the Scorpio penthouse.

Inspired by the concept of a consistent interrelation between inside and outside, Scorpio is immersed in the sky and the trees, that push themselves up to the beautiful terrace and break through the windows of the bedroom, which are literally facing the branches of a secular oak and a glimpse of the sky. The atmosphere of harmony and distension that the view and the natural light give, is more than ever enhanced and dilated on the monochromatic screens made by the floors in grey ardesia stone, and the walls, with their pearly nuances. There is a refined living room with an antique fireplace in Calacatta marble, a bookcase furnished with books in various languages, a hi-fi system and a completely equipped kitchen. The bedroom has a graceful stone balcony that looks out on to the forest and a splendid bathroom in Etruscan red arenaria stone with an ample, emotional shower – all this is Scorpio. Then there is the suggestive second floor, which has windows with colored glass in leaded polychrome, from which it is possible to access the exclusive terrace equipped with a micro-pool.

80 square meters of charm and 40 square meters of terrace- this is our Penthouse.


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