Unforgettable moments

Today, finally, my love, let’s talk about your promises, a promise is a promise, but only the promises that are born free of constrictions have any value and therefore there are no duties or other deceptive coercion, I want the renewal of the promise of your love, this is all I want. From you.”

One day, important, very important – the day in which two people seal their choice in front of the world and share this choice with friends, relatives, with all those who are close to them. Because a wedding is a party, an event of joy, a jubilee to share with others. So, if the original meaning of the word “party” denotes a day of shared joy, of pleasant participation of an event, what better occurrence than a wedding to party?

But a marriage also needs meticulous organization, attention to details, choice of colors, of the mise en place, of food and music, planning of the whole event – because every nuptial ceremony is, rightly and necessarily, a unique experience that must stand alone, conceived for a unique couple and never again replicable.

This is our philosophy of the “wedding event” that we propose: a celebration to build together, so all expectations, desires and dreams may come true just as you imagined, following a chosen plot. Few things are as rewarding as seeing ones aspirations fulfilled – as in a theatre on opening night, where the protagonists after hours and hours of rehearsals are catapulted on stage and after a few seconds of bewilderment, all fears seem to magically vanish and all scenes go exactly comme il faut. One forgets all the moments of anxiousness and agitation, the agonizing wait and the frenzy of the expectations; it is also somewhat magical, almost as if the announcement of a great event.

La Gabelletta has a whole group of expert collaborators and wedding planners who may be involved in the planning of the wedding, depending on the needs and the desires of the couple. The pictures included here are examples of possible table placement and general settings.

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