Amelia, between the history and the myth

Many but many years before Romulus seized the plow to found what would have become the capital of the world and still many but many years before Tyrrhenian decided to leave the Lidia destroyed by the famine to colonize the lands of the Umbrians, it seems that such Ameroe, good man come from afar, curious and friendly, wanted to settle down with his caravan of wives and children to load in a quiet place whether to be able to grow and to flourish in sanctified peace – in sanctified peace! Well, at the time the Saints had not yet been invented, but it is certain that the middle ground of what would have been Italy, had all the characteristics to become the most devoted of the regions and the most serene of the territories…
Mysterious Umbria, holy Umbria, cultured Umbria, green Umbria. It is unknown. It is archaic. It is mystical. And nevertheless sanguineous, rural, almost wild.

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